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52 Secrets for a Successful Relationship Ellen Gerst

52 Secrets for a Successful Relationship

Ellen Gerst

Published April 7th 2013
Kindle Edition
91 pages
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 About the Book 

Are you looking for love in all the right ways AND, once you have established a romantic relationship OR if youre in an established relationship, do you know the best ways to keep it alive and vibrant?It DOES NOT need to remain a secret, and in 52 Secrets for a Successful Relationship I share with you how to accomplish this feat.Whether youre searching for the one or in a current relationship, this book provides practical instruction on how to make your relationship last. There are 52 Secrets for the 52 weeks of the year, some in an easy-to-read essay format and others are succinct snippets giving you food for thought.If you implement just one of the ideas each week of the year, youll be on your way to a healthy, loving and successful relationship.Heres a sneak peek at Secret #5..Throughout history, there have been many things that general society believed that have been proven as faulty thinking. Two great examples are that once we believed the world was flat and that the Earth was at the center of the universe. When new information was received, the populace had to adjust its thinking.You can apply this principle to your life. There may be things that you think you “know” about yourself. However, you may be wrong because you haven’t collected enough information yet.Consequently, be open to exploring and changing your belief system – about yourself, your partner and your world – especially if these beliefs are not serving you well.Simply because you’ve always seen yourself one way, it doesn’t mean that you are forever stuck in that image. Life is about growing and changing. As you move through these changes, you must readjust and fine tune your personal picture. Work towards continuously morphing into the best version of yourself.You can receive tips and thoughts on love, dating and relationships every day of the year by connecting with the author and relationship coach, Ellen Gerst, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FindingLoveAf...Visit Ellens author page on Amazon for a full roster of her books on relationships and a myriad of other subjects.